How do I prevent workers from turning off geo location or internet access to evade shift and geo policies?


Firstly, the following evasion techniques are always blocked:

  • Geo location access permission not granted to Fareclock app
  • Fake geo location - Android devices have the capability to fake their location. On Fareclock app version 2.12+, we will block such a scenario. For older versions, there is an optional setting to block

In addition, there are a number of Fareclock settings you can choose to enable to block various other evasion techniques, depending on the type of device and method. All these settings can be configured in the Console under Settings => Devices => Defaults:

  • Geo Settings
    • Block punches if Location is not available - If geo coordinates can not be obtained, punches won't be allowed.
    • Block devices with Location services turned off - If Location Services are turned off from an Android device, then the app will lock out. Does not block Airplane Mode (see settings below), and does not apply to Apple iOS devices. Requires app version 2.12+.
    • Block devices with fake location (LEGACY) - Applies to older versions of the Fareclock Android app. This detection is less robust than the new detection in version 2.12, and may have false positives.
  • Security Settings
  • Synchronization Settings
    • Require device be online
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