How to set up Attendance feature

I. Introduction

Attendance is an optional feature which allows you to track attendance compliance to shift schedules, e.g., that workers show up on time, take their allotted breaks, and leave on time. You can set up a point system that penalizes points for various infractions, with point thresholds generating disciplinary events.

You can also set up shift reminder notification to workers and to administrators (mobile app version 3.2+) for upcoming shifts, breaks, ending breaks, ending shifts, and more.

This feature is available on the Premium plan.

II. Setup

We'll walk you through how to set up this feature.

A. Enable

Go in the Console to Settings -> Attendance, check the Enable box, and Save.


B. Attendance Policies

Set up an Attendance Policy at Settings -> Attendance -> Policies. A policy specifies the rules for generating attendance infractions, point thresholds for disciplinary events, when points expire, and when to send early reminders.


When setting up Point Thresholds, you'll want to first define Event Types for those thresholds under Settings -> Attendance -> Event Types.


C. Custom Infraction Types

Aside from the built-in attendance infractions, you can also define your own custom infraction types that administrators can apply to workers as they occur.


D. Assign Workers to Attendance Policy

Once your policy is setup, you can assign workers to this policy. You can even create multiple policies, with different workers assigned to different policies. To assign workers to a policy, go to Settings -> Users. You can individually assign a worker to a policy in the Attendance section.


Or you can assign in bulk:


If you want to make sure new workers are always assigned to a policy before they can be added, then you can make Attendance Policy a required field for workers. To do so, go to Settings -> Users -> Defaults -> Worker role settings, and add Attendance Policy to the Required Fields.


E. Administrator notifications

Administrators can receive notification emails when a Disciplinary Event occurs. To subscribe an administrator to such notifications, go to Settings -> Users, open the admin's user profile, expand the Notifications section, and check the Attendance Alerts box.


III. Manage

A. Shift schedules

Now that you've set up this feature, you're ready to start using! Make sure you've enable shift scheduling and set up the worker's shift schedules. For more on that feature, check out the following help article:

B. Infractions

If Infractions are generated by the attendance rules, you'll see a bell notification at the top of the Console:


You can click on the link in the notification, or go directly to Manage -> Attendance -> Infractions to view the open infractions:


If you open an individual infraction, you can view additional details:


In the details, you can add notes and also update the status. As long as the Status is Open, it will appear in the bell notification. If you set Status to Acknowledged, then the notification will go away. If you set Status to Excused, then the points will be removed from the worker's point balance.

C. Worker Points

You can view each worker's current point balance under Settings -> Users:


You can view the balance in the individual worker profile in the Attendance section.

D. Events

Once a worker's point balance crosses a Threshold as defined in the Attendance Policy, an email will be sent to subscribed administrators:


A bell notification will also display in the Console for the Event with a link to view details. You can also navigate there directly at Manage -> Attendance -> Events.


Click on an event to view details:


There you can add Notes and Status similar to Infractions. Typically, the Status is set to Closed once HR resolves the matter with the worker according your company policy.

E. Reminders

In mobile app version 3.2, workers can receive in-app push notifications for their shifts.


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