How to add new worker & set up face recognition

The purpose of this article to provide clear instructions on how to add a new worker and set up this person for face recognition.

You can add a new worker either on our web site or in the time clock app.

If you want to add the worker on our web site, then first sign in to the Fareclock Admin Console at:

After sign in, you will be directed to the Admin Console dashboard, as shown:


To add a new worker, click on the '+ Add Worker' button near the bottom-center of the page. Then fill out the form for the new worker, as follows:



Make sure you click the 'Save' button at the bottom. 

This worker will now be able to clock in. You will still need to set this person up for facial recognition. There are three ways you can set it up, based on your preference. The three methods are summarized as follows:

1) Tell worker to clock in. Fareclock is configured by default to allow new workers to clock in even though their face is not recognized. The punches will be flagged for your review, and then in the Fareclock Admin Console you can approve the photos so that Fareclock learns their face.

2) Go to a time clock, tap on menu icon in upper left, select Workers in menu list, and sign in to the time clock's administrator settings. Select employee name, then Enroll worker face. Stand worker in front of clock, and press Start face capture now button. It will then capture photos of him/her.

3) In the Fareclock Admin Console, go to worker's face index, and manually upload photos.

We will now describe these three methods in more detail.

Method #1:

Tell worker to clock in. If you are running in face identify mode, make sure the worker clicks the Enter pin button from the bottom right of home screen. Otherwise, they can press Work start button, as follows:

Fareclock is configured by default to allow new workers to clock in even though their face is not recognized. The punch will be flagged as an Exception, and you'll then need to view the punch in the Admin Console, as follows:


In the dashboard "Current Pay Period" pane, any failed face recognitions will show up as an Exception. Click on the "review" link next to "N Exception(s)" to review them.


A flagged punch will have the exclamation flag on the left. Click on that punch row to review the detail, as follows:


The detail will indicate whether the IN or OUT punch failed. To approve the punch and photos, click on the "Approve + Photos" button the top left or top bottom. Upon approval, at least one of the photos will be added to the worker's Face Model. The face model can be managed by navigating to Settings => Users, and viewing user detail, as follows:


Method #2:

Go to a time clock, and from the home screen, click on the Menu icon (has three stacked blue lines) in the upper left to log in to the time clock's administrator settings, as follows:

You will then see a menu list, as follows. Tap on "Workers".

You'll then be directed to a log in screen, where you'll need to log in with your administrator credentials as follows:

As an alternative, you could enable a simpler administrator "pin" for speedier access to admin mode. To enable that setting, on our web site go to Settings => Devices, select the clock, then enable "Allow administrator pin full access", and Save.


You'll then see the full list of workers who are allowed to clock in on this time clock device, as follows:

From here, you can either add a new worker, or select one from the list.

If you choose to add a new worker, click on the '+' button in the upper right, fill out worker information, and Save.

Either way, if you've selected an existing worker, or added a new one, you'll next be prompted with a list of worker actions:

Tap on "Enroll worker face".


At this point, tell the worker to stand in front of the device, and push the "Start face capture now" button. You should see this screen:

Of course, the worker's face will be in the viewing screen (not Jack Nicholson!). If a human face is detected, the device will proceed to rapidly take several consecutive photos with a face detected. If at any point, the worker's face is lost, it will start all over again. Once several consecutive photos have been captured with a detected face, the photos will be submitted to the Fareclock service for processing. Once complete, you should see a screen that looks something like:

You'll want to make that the screen says "Accepted". If not, tap the "Back" button in the upper left and try again. You can repeat the procedure over, as well as train other employee faces as well.

When you're done with training, just keep tapping "Back" until you return to the Home screen.

Method #3:

In the Fareclock Admin Console, go to Settings => Users, and select worker. Go to worker's face model, which looks as follows:


If you are using a desktop computer, you can drag a photo file (JPEG only) onto the page, as shown above. Then select "Add to face model". You can do this on any number of photos. If you are using an iPad, you can click on "Choose file", and either upload a photo saved on your iPad, or take a new photo of the employee using the iPad.

* Uploading random photos in the Admin Console is not a preferred method to enroll an employee's face in our system, because the face recognition is sensitive to changes in the scale/resolution of the photos. Our app fixes the photo resolution so that it is consistent at all times (both training and clocking in), whereas if you upload a photo it could be different and not recognized with later photos coming from our app. If you need to use this method, you should obtain photos of size 480 x 640 pixels, which is what our app takes.


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