How do I calculate employee wages?

I. Configure payroll settings

The wage reporting feature is available on all account plans. It is used for Hourly paid workers. To configure Salary paid workers, check out our dedicated help article on that topic:


A. Enable feature

You'll first need to enable pay class reporting. To do that, go to Settings => Payroll => Defaults, and enable "Enhanced Payroll" mode as follows:




B. Create a Pay Code

Next you'll need to create a Pay Code. To do that, click on the Pay Codes tab button, and create a Regular pay code as follows:


The name, abbreviation and payroll ID are according to your preference. The important part is that you set the multiplier to 1.0 for a regular wage calculation.


C. Create Pay Class

Next you'll need to create your Pay Class. Click on the Pay Classes tab button, and create a Pay Class as follows:


Make sure you set the Regular Pay Code to the Pay Code you just created in section (B).


D. Overtime

If you also pay overtime, refer to the following article which explains how to set up overtime:

E. Pay Code Rules

If you want to set up rules to pay special pay rates for nights, weekends, and/or holidays, check out our help article on setting that up:

F. Specify each employee's pay class and wage

Next, you'll need to set each employee's Pay Class and Wage. To do that go to Settings => Users. Then edit or add the employee for which you want to configure. In the edit employee view, set the Pay Class as follows:


Then expand the "Compensation" section as follows:


Click "+ New Pay Rate" to set Hourly wage.


You'll need to select Hourly type, and specify a wage. You can also optionally specify an Effective Date, particularly later on if you give the worker a raise. For starters, you can probably leave the Effective Date blank to make it the default for all dates.

If you do not create a pay rate, then it will default to 0.00 and wages will be 0.00 in the reports. If you only want to calculate overtime hours and not pay amount, then leaving wage blank may be your preference.

Note that you can choose to select a Salary pay rate for Salaried workers. For more information on Salary pay, check out our help article on that topic:

G. Administrator access to Worker compensation

You can restrict which Administrators can access Worker compensation and report pay totals. See our help article on configuring administrator permissions:

II. Reporting

Wage totals are displayed on the Time Cards report, accessible in the Admin Console at Reports => Time Cards and Reports => Totals. If your Pay Class is set up and enabled, then you'll be able to add columns for Regular hours and pay. The Totals report also includes columns for each pay code. If you've set up overtime, you'll also see columns for OT1 and OT2.





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