How do geo rules work?

Geo rules are a feature which allows you to tag the location of employee punches, and even create a "geo fence" that specifies where they are allowed to clock IN (e.g., within 1 km of 123 Main Street, etc.). If an employee tries to clock in outside this geo fence, the punch will be rejected.

You can create multiple conditions for geo rules:

  • Device default - All punches on a certain time clock device must obey the geo rule set up for it, unless overridden by another geo rule condition below.
  • Shifts - You can set a geo rule for beginning of shift, and a different geo rule for end of shift, or use the clock default.
  • Breaks - You can create a geo rule for beginning of break, and a different geo rule for end of shift, or use the shift geo rules, or clock default.
  • Jobs - An employee must obey a job's geo rule in order to clock IN to it. This rule take priority over all others.

The geo rule feature is included in the Pro plan, as well as Free Trial.

To create a geo rule, in the Admin Console, go to Settings => Devices => Geo Rules, and create your rules. A geo rule looks as follows:


If you only want to tag the location of punches so you can audit/review them later, but not enforce where the punch is, then leave "Enable geofence" unchecked.

If you do want a geo fence, then click the Edit link in the Geofence Center field, and a Geolocation selection window will open:


In this window, you can enter an address and/or navigate the map and drag the red marker to your desired location for the geo fence. Click on the "Confirm location" button.

Then in the main geo rule form, drag the Geofence Range slider to the amount of distance you want to allow within the geo fence. Keep in mind that sometime GPS sensors can be inaccurate, so you may want to leave some for error.

Next, you'll need to assign your geo rule to appropriate events:

1) Device - Go to Settings => Devices, and assign geo rule to a device.

2) Shifts / Breaks - See our schedule help article for more on this.

3) Jobs - Go to Settings => Costing, enable Costing Mode, and assign geo rule to a job.


To review the mapped location of a punch, go to Manage => Punches and view the punch. If you allow punches outside of geofence to be silently flagged, then the punches will be flagged there as well as in reports for your review and/or approval.

You can also conveniently review all your punches on a map by going to Manage => Geo Mapping.

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