Can I control which time clocks an employee is allowed to use?



By default, an employee is allowed to use any time clock on your account which keeps things simple. But you can configure to restrict which employees can use which time clocks. It can be set up in any way you like. For example, each employee have his or her own smart phone, and you want to require that the employees only use their own phone to clock IN and OUT. Alternatively, you may want to allow a group of employees to use a particular time clock, or even a set of particular time clocks.

To set up these permissions, log into our web site at, and then go in the top blue menu to Settings => Organization. In the web page below, click on the Organization Units tab. For each time clock or group of time clocks that you want to have the same permission, create a new unique Organization Unit.

Next, go to Settings => Clocks, then select each clock, and set its Organization Unit to the corresponding one you created in the last step.

Finally, go to Settings => User, then select each employee, and set the employee's Org Unit Access to those Organization Units they are allowed to clock IN to.


Pay careful attention that there is a separate Organization Unit field for the employee, but you are not changing that for this purpose.

That's it! Now if an employee tried to clock IN to a time clock for an organization unit that he or she does not belong to, the employee will see an error message saying Not Allowed.

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