Can I customize my reports?




Our reports are highly customizable. You can choose:

  • which columns to display, their order and width
  • format of columns, such as date format, time format, total hours format, and employee name format
  • filter by date, employee, groups of employees (department, org unit, pay class, etc), or by tag (e.g., rejected, not rejected, overridden punches, etc.)
  • group data (by row, or by column to make a pivot table)

Report Settings

To start customizing your report, open your report of choice under the Reports menu at top of the Admin Console, as follows:


Once you've selected your report, you'll see the report filter bar, as follows:

Click on "Report Settings" at the right to expand all the report settings. You'll see something like this:

From here, you can edit Date Range:

And employee or groups of employees:

And columns and their order:


And some extra settings which vary by report:

When you're ready, run your report. After is displays, you can then drag columns to the widths you prefer.

At this point, you can Print, or Export your report to a number of formats. If you export to PDF, you can print one page per employee or grouping.

For more information on exports, or to create crazy wildly customizable reports or export files, see our help article on Integration Templates:

Memorize Reports

Finally, after you've customized the report to exactly your liking, you can "memorize" your report settings by clicking on the "Memorize" button in the report settings. You'll give the memorized report a name. Then, you can access all your memorized reports by clicking on the Report menu button at the top of the page. The Memorized reports will be at the button of the Reports listing, as follows:

If you memorized a report with a friendly date range such as "Today", "Last Pay Period", etc., then the date range will automatically update each time you run the memorized report based on current date.


You can also set certain formats for displaying information, such as date format. These formats are global to your entire account for all administrators, and apply to the entire Admin Console.

To edit these formats, go to Settings => Organization => Formats, as follows:

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