How do I set special pay rates for nights, weekends and holidays?

We have a feature called Premium Time that allows you to set pay rates for nights, weekends, and/or holidays.

Premium Time allows you to configure different pay rates and codes, based on day and time. You can configure weekly rates as well as holiday rates.


These pay rates are configured per pay class, so you can have different schedules for different employees in your organization, just as you already may be doing for your pay periods and overtime settings.

To learn more about setting up a Pay Class, check out our help articles on that:

And if you pay overtime, check our help article on setting that up:

Once you've set up a Pay Class, open the Pay Class up, and expand the Premium Time Settings section. There you'll create your Premium Time Rules such as:

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This new feature is very powerful, and at the same time, simple to set up and use. It works across midnight and across multiple premium ranges. If there are multiple matches, it will prioritize holidays over weekly rule, and hour-based rules over all-day rules.

The Time Cards and Payroll reports will both calculate total hours and pay using the rules, with a breakdown for Regular and Overtime hours. For a report breakdown per pay code, check out the Totals report.




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