Can employees set up the Fareclock app on their own personal devices?

Yes, you can allow that capability.




First, as administrator, you'll want to go to the Console to allow each worker to set up his or her own personal device. There is a section called "Personal Device Settings" for each worker where you can set it up:



In this section you'll want to enable use of personal device, and then specify:
  • Mobile phone # and/or Email address to send the install code to.
  • Personal device mode - There are 4 options here. You can configure the app to run as time clock with or without face recognition or pin; you can only permit the app to be used to view the worker's own total hours and schedule but not allow to be used as a time clock; or you can allow the app to run as the usual group time clock. This last option may be useful for a supervisor who is not a Fareclock administrator.
  • Reinstall permissions - If the worker ever needs to reinstall the app later on, you can either require an administrator to authorize the reinstall by clicking on Reinstall button in the Console in this section; or you can authorize the worker to request a new install code using the already-configured mobile phone # or email address.
  • Geo Fences - You can specify one or more geo fences particular to this device. If not set, Fareclock may still apply the geo fences requirements of a shift or job that the worker clocks IN for.
After saving these changes, you'll be prompted with options to send a message with an activation code link to that user, via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Viber.





The worker will then receive the message with this link. By clicking on the link on either an Android or iOS device, the user will be directed to the App Store to download the app, if not already downloaded to the device. This feature requires Fareclock app version 2.8 or later.

After the app is downloaded, or if it was already downloaded, then the app will automatically open and the user's personal information will be pre-loaded into the app without requiring typing in any login information. Here is an example screenshot:



Once the user confirms, the app will be fully set up and ready to use. If you've configured the device to allow use as a time clock without face recognition or pin, then the app home screen will look as follows:



If you've configure the device to run reports only, then the home screen will look the same, except there will not be a "Clock IN/OUT" button. Otherwise, in group mode, or if you require face recognition or pin, then the home screen will look like it usually does when an administrator sets up the time clock.




The app in personal device mode can only run on one device at a time per employee. If the employee ever needs to reinstall the app, on the same or a different device, then any other existing installation of that app for that user will be automatically removed.

If you've configured the reinstall permission such that an administrator must send a new link, then you can do so in the Console. In that user's personal device settings, there will be a "Reinstall" button that will generate a new install code and send to the user. In such a case, reinstallation will be similar to what the user had to do when installing the first time.

If you've allowed the user to reinstall on his or her own, then the user can request a new code in the app by navigating through the screens as follows:


Screen_Shot_2019-02-28_at_10.51.17_AM.png  Screen_Shot_2019-02-28_at_10.50.22_AM.png  Screen_Shot_2019-02-28_at_10.50.31_AM.png  Screen_Shot_2019-02-28_at_10.50.43_AM.png


After entering the authorized Mobile Phone # or Email address, the user will receive a message with a new installation code link. The user can click on that link to automatically set up the app. Or alternatively, the user can navigate to the "I have a Code" page and type the code in manually.




You can track who is using a personal device by going in the Console to Settings => Users, and look for the column in the list called Personal Device:




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