How to punch using QR Code


A QR Code is a two-dimensional bar code, such as the following:


You can allow your employees to clock IN or OUT using such a QR code. Each employee has his/her own unique QR code to identify him/her. It can presented on any media, such as printed on a piece of paper, on a sticker label, or displayed from the employee's mobile phone to a tablet running the time clock. The QR code can be used as an alternative to entering the employee's pin number, and used either in addition to or instead of face recognition.

How to Enable

To enable QR codes for your organization, sign in to the Console at, and go to Settings -> Devices -> Defaults -> Identity Settings:




There you can enable the QR Code feature.



By default, the worker will first be prompted in the app to use their PIN, but there will be a button in the upper right for them to switch to scanning a QR Code instead. The worker will only need to complete one of those two options. If you prefer for the worker to be prompted for QR Code first instead, and only PIN as a backup for that, then change the Authentication Order field above so that QR Code comes first. PIN must always be an option, so in this case, make it the second option.


How to Enroll Workers in Console

After enabling QR codes, you'll need to set up each worker with a unique QR code. That can be done either in the Console or in the mobile app.

To configure in the Console, go to Settings => Users, and for each worker set up the QR code as follows:




In the QR code field, you can either specify any unique value, such as an employee ID number, or you can select a Random QR Code. After choosing a QR code, you can then print it by clicking on the Print link:




You can also print all workers' QR codes in a list, by going back to the user list view, add the QR Code column, and print it, as follows:




 And click Export button, then Print.





How to Enroll Workers in Mobile App

You can also enroll worker QR codes in the mobile app. You'll first need to access the Workers list, from the left menu on the app's start screen. This screen is protected by administrator login:




If you are adding a brand new employee, you can tap on the + button in the upper right corner, and you'll be taken to a form to add the employee:



If the employee already exists, and you have a pre-printed QR code you obtained from somewhere, then you can enroll that QR code by selecting the employee in the list to navigate to the employee card:



The tap on the "QR code" button, and you'll see the following:


Tap on "Enroll new QR code" to open the QR Code scanner where you can scan a QR Code badge or sticker that you already have. After scanning it, it will be displayed on the screen:


Now the employee can clock IN and OUT using this new QR code.

How to Punch

Simply tap the Worker Start button from the start screen of the app, and the QR code scanner will open:


It defaults to using the front camera, but you can switch to the back camera, as well as turn on the flash. There's also an option in the upper right to enter the employee pin number instead.

Note that if you have face recognition enabled, the QR code scanning step may take place after the face recognition, depending on internet connectivity and whether the user was recognized.

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