Labels are a flexible way to label users, jobs, and shifts. You can then filter punches by these labels, as well as define pay rules based on labels.

Creating Labels

Here's where you find the list of defined labels in the Console:



To create a new Label, click on the blue "Add Label" button:



There are two types of Labels: User and Work

User label may be applied to a user. For example, if you hire subcontractors, you may want to label users by subcontracting firm. You can also filter time cards for users with a specific label.

Work label is specifically applied to work time, such as labelling jobs or shifts. Thus, a single user may have punches with different labels.

Assigning Labels

To assign one or more labels to a user, find the Labels selection field in the user's Extra Information section:


You can also filter the list of users by labels:


To assign labels to a job, find the Labels selection field in the job's Extra Information section: 


To assign labels to a shift class, find the Labels selection field in the shift class edit form:



You can then filter punches or time cards by label:



Creating Pay Code rules by Label

For more information on how to define pay code rules by label, in order to specify different pay rates, check out our help article on that: 

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