How do I view an audit log of all changes made by users?

All changes made to any data, whether settings or time & attendance data, are written to an audit log, with the exception of regular worker-initiated punches. There are two reports for viewing these audit logs:

  1. Audit - the general report to filter and view all audit log information
  2. Audit Time - view changes made specifically to punches, formatted in a style optimized for punch data





Both reports offer advanced customization options, including query filters:


Some of the terminology you'll see used in these reports are:

  • Application - the software used to when making the logged change, i.e., Console, Time Clock, or API
  • Actor - the entity making the change, i.e., time clock device, user, or API
  • Affected Resources - the entity being changed, e.g., punch, user, shift class, etc.
  • Associated Resources - any entities related to the affected resource, e.g., the worker whose punch was edited, a user's department and/org org unit, etc.
  • Fields - specific fields being edited, e.g., the IN/OUT time of an edited punch, what pay class a created worker was assigned to, etc.

The audit log report customizations can be memorized and/or scheduled to be emailed to you on a recurring basis. For more information on setting that up, check out our Help Article on customizing reports:


All users with the "Account Owner" role will have permission to view the audit reports. To allow an Administrator user who is not an account owner to view the audit report, there is a permission called "View audit logs" that you can enable to give that user access:


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