Custom Punch States


Custom Punch States is feature that allows you to define one or more States that a Punch can be set to by an Administrator. A State can optionally be configured to Lock the Punch, so that it can not be edited in that state. You can filter Punches by State, and also edit their State in Bulk.

This feature can be useful to track Punch Approvals through multiple states, such as initial Approval, and then finally Exported to Payroll.

Initial Configuration

To set up this feature, you'll first want to enable it and define one or more Punch States. To do so, go in the Console to Settings => Punches => Punch States:



Note there is setting called "Prompt when Exporting" that makes it convenient to set the State on all Punches when exporting them.

Manage Punches

You're ready to use the feature now. You can set Punch States under Manage => Raw Punches, or under Manage => Time Cards by opening an individual punch.

In the filtered list, you can add the Punch State column by customizing your column list as follows:


When you open a Punch, you'll be able to set its State:


Make sure you click the "Save State Change" button below it. If the Punch State is configured to Lock the Punch, then all the other Punch fields such as the times will be locked:


If you need to later re-edit the Punch, you can clear the State to unlock it.

You can also edit Punch State in Bulk:


See the following knowledge base article for more information on Bulk Actions in general and across our service:

How to Bulk Edit & Import data?

You can also filter Punches by State under both Manage => Raw Punches, and Reports => Raw Punches:




Finally, after Exporting Raw Punches, if you've enabled the setting to "Prompt when Exporting", then you be prompted:


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