How to restrict Administrator access to certain jobs?


By default, if an Administrator has access permission to edit punches or manage clock logs, then that Administrator will have access to the punches on all jobs. This article explains how you can restrict an Administrator to only one or more jobs.

First, you'll need to enable a default setting to enable this feature, under Settings => Costing => Defaults. Look there for the checkbox labeled "Can restrict admin access to job", enable that checkbox, and Save.


That setting will not automatically restrict your Administrator to no jobs. That is just the first step. Your administrators will still be able to access all jobs. You'll now be able to restrict each Administrator individually. To do so, open that Administrator's profile under Settings => Users, and expand the Permissions section. Look for the checkbox labeled "Required job access for admin", check it, and Save.


Now, that Administrator will not be able to access any jobs until you explicitly grant that Administrator access to each job. To do so, open each job under Settings => Costing => Jobs, expand the Extra Information section, and add that user to the Restricted Admin Access list.


You can add multiple administrators to access each job, and of course you can also add each administrator to multiple jobs. Note that only administrators whose profile was marked to "Required job access for admin" will be displayed as options in the job's Restricted Admin Access list. Other administrators already have automatic access to all jobs, so they don't need to be added to that list.

Once that is set up, that administrator will only be able to see punches for the permitted jobs under Manage => Raw Punches, Manage => Clock Logs, the Face Recognition Failures pane in the dashboard, and under Reports. They'll also only be able to filter for jobs they have access to.

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