How to Submit & Approve Missed Punches


You can optionally enable the ability for workers to submit a Missed Punch request in the mobile time clock app. Then in the Console, you can approve or reject that Missed Punch request.



To enable this feature, go in the Console to Settings -> Devices -> Defaults -> Feature Settings, and enable "Allow workers to submit missed punch request".




Submit Request

Then in the time clock app, the worker can submit the request on the Clock IN screen's left menu:


IMG_3617.PNG   IMG_3618.PNG   IMG_3619.PNG


In the Missed Punch request form, the worker can fill out either or both IN and OUT times, select a job if enabled, and enter notes:


IMG_3620.PNG   IMG_3621.PNG   IMG_3622.PNG


If the worker is used a personal device, and the personal device mode is set to "Personal time clock — No Face or pin" or "Reports only", then the worker will be able to access the Missed Punch form from the app's start screen:



For more information on Personal Device Mode, check out our dedicated knowledge base article on that topic:

Can employees set up the Fareclock app on their own personal devices?


And an Administrator will also be able to submit a Missed Punch request on behalf of a worker in the app from the admin-projected Worker list. After choosing the worker in the list, the Worker Card page will have a button to request a Missed Punch for that worker:




Approve/Reject Request

If there are any pending Missed Punch requests that need to be decided, a red badge number will appear in the top right of the Console over the bell notification icon.




Click on the View requests link to proceed. You can also view Missed Punch requests by going the in left menu to Manage -> Raw Punches -> Missed.




Click the Thumbs Up button to approve, or the Thumbs Down icon to reject. If approving, a modal window will appear to confirm and edit the details.




If the worker submitted a Missed OUT punch, you'll be able to match it with an existing IN punch:





Finally, you can review the history of Approved & Denied Missed Punches by clicking the Filter button above the Missed Punch list, and setting your filter preferences.




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