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Realtime Text/email notification

We are starting a new high school in the salt lake city school district called Innovations High ( It consists of blending digital curriculum with face to face (in-class) teacher support, and also involves our students being able to take courses at our district Career and Technical Center and/or at any of the other three district high schools that may be offering a lab type course, sports class, or any other course that may not be available or enriching as an online course. Our greatest need at the moment is to be able to capture attendance at the online school site AND provide real time in/out attendance information to parents or school staff. I like your face recognition input feature, and the fact that it can be captured by iPhones or iPads, but just wondering how difficult it would be to instantly send notification of a specific student's attendance to a parent at the moment of capture or soon after.
Thanks in advance for your response,
Elaine Toronto,
Dean of Students
Innovations High School

Elaine Toronto

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Hi, Thanks for the feedback. We are planning to publish a software API that you will be able to use to create custom experiences such as the one you describe (message to parent on clock in). Stay tuned!

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