What are Integration Connections?


Integration Connections are a feature in the Admin Console under Settings => Integrations => Connections. You can create a connection to a supported 3rd party provider to synchronize information between Fareclock and the 3rd party. Typically, these connections are used to synchronize employees and payroll.

We currently enable connections to three providers: QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Bamboo HR. We do have plans to enable additional providers in the future. If you'd like to see us integrate with another provider that you use, please contact our Support team to make a request.

Setup Connection

To setup a connection to a 3rd party provider, go to Settings => Integrations => Connections. You should see this on your screen:

Click on the '+' button in the blue chrome at the top of the empty connection list. A provider selection box will open as follows:

Select your provider. For example, if you select QuickBooks Online, you will now see the following:

Next, click the blue Add Connection button on the right. A separate window will open that will take you to the provider's web site to log in. For QuickBooks or Xero, the login window will look like this:



Bamboo HR customers: Fareclock hosts the Bamboo HR login screen our own web site. Bamboo HR requires that we collect your password on their behalf in order to connect to your Bamboo HR account. We submit your password directly to Bamboo HR via a secure encrypted connection, and we never store your password in our system. If you have questions about this process, please contact Bamboo HR.


After you login with your 3rd party credentials, the provider will prompt you to authorize Fareclock to connect to your 3rd party account. For example, for QuickBooks Online, the screen should look like this:


Multiple companies: If you have multiple companies with the 3rd party provider, the provider should prompt you to select which company you want to connect to Fareclock.


After you've logged in and authorized the connection, the provider window will close and you'll return to the Fareclock Admin Console and see the following:

At this point, click the green Save button. After saving, you'll see a blue "Sync employees button" appear as follows:


Synchronize Employees

Click the blue "Sync employees window". A box will open displaying employees in either Fareclock or the provider's system, with suggested matches and an option to add unmatched employees:

You may need to scroll down to see entries further down the list. The list is divided into three sections. The top section are Fareclock employees not found in the provider's system, with the option to add to to the provider. The second section are employees in the provider's system not found in Fareclock, also with the option to add to Fareclock. The last section are employees found to match in both systems. Here is a screenshot of this last section with matches:

You have a few options here:

  1. If you disagree with any of the suggested matches at the bottom, click on the link icon at the middle of that employee row to un-match them. After you un-match them, the employee on the left will float up to the top section of unmatched Fareclock employees, and the employee on the right will float up to the second section containing unmatched provider employees.
  2. If an employee exists in both system but was not automatically matched, you can match them now dragging the employee name from either the first or second section to the corresponding employee in the other section. Once you drag-and-drop the employee, the match will float down to the bottom section of matched employees.
  3. For the remaining unmatched employees, you can accept the default option to "Add as New Employee" in Fareclock or the provider. Or, you change the option to "Do Not Add".


Multiple Connections: You can create multiple connections to one and/or multiple providers if you wish. For example, you might use QuickBooks Online for payroll, and Bamboo HR to store employee information. Or, you might have two different QuickBooks Online companies for different segments of your business. We support any combination of these scenarios, and you can choose which employees get synchronized across which connections. Any particular employee might be synchronized across multiple of these connections if you wish. If an employee is showing as a match on both sides of the connection but you do not want that employee to be synchronized across the connection, then remove it as a match and select "Do Not Add" for both sides.


When you're done matching, click the green Save button at the bottom of the box.

You can always go back again later, and synchronize employees again to add new matches or change existing ones.

Export Payroll

Now you are ready to export payroll hours from Fareclock to the provider. To do so, go to the Payroll report at Reports => Payroll. Run your report according to your filter criteria. Then in the Report Settings box, click the blue Export button, and select your provider, as follows:




Bamboo HR customers: Bamboo HR does not have payroll features, so it is not an Export option in the Payroll report. Bamboo HR is just used to synchronize employees with Fareclock.


QuickBooks Online customers:

When exporting payroll to QuickBooks Online, any existing time sheets in QuickBooks Online for employees matched on the QuickBooks Online connection will be completely replaced by the payroll report hours for that date range.

Also, be aware that QuickBooks Online does not support import pay codes or pay amounts from outside time attendance providers such as Fareclock. All we can import into it are the employee hours, and QuickBooks will calculate pay amounts based on the settings you've configured in your QuickBooks account. You can still set up your pay rules in Fareclock in order to display the same amounts in our reports, if you wish.


After the export complete, you'll see a Complete message, as follows:

Simply click the Close button, and you're done!

Payroll Gotchas

Certain errors might occur during the Payroll Export, such as:

  • "Employee So-and-So is not linked to provider": If your payroll report contains an employee not previously matched in the provider's system during the Employee Synchronization process, then this error will occur. Make sure your report is filtered only for employees matched with the provider.
  • "End date doesn't correspond with a pay period": Xero may display this error if the report date range does not match a payroll period in Xero settings. Make sure the date range is a single complete payroll period in Xero.
  • "Employee So-and-So already has a timesheet for date range": Xero may display this error if that employee already has a timesheet. Xero does not support replacing an existing timesheet.
  • "Earnings Type does not exist": Xero may display this error if Earnings types have not been setup in Xero. Log in to your Xero account, and follow their Payroll Setup instructions to set up earnings codes.


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